I was born in Rome, Italy.

At the age of five my father taught me piano basics, since I was too young to be accepted by a professional teacher.

When I was six I started to study piano and music theory with Giovanna Bergamo, a very talented pianist with experience working with children. Madame Bergamo prepared me for the admission exam at the Conservatory.

At the age of eight I performanced at the Hilton Hotel of Wien, playing at the piano classic and contemporary music, amazing the audiences.

At ten, I was accepted at the Conservatory “Jacopo Tomadini” of Udine, Italy, to study pipe organ and organistic composition.

I completed my studies of piano, organ, harmony, contrapunto, fuga, music theory, solfeggio, choir, music history and orchestral ensemble with excellent qualifications under Master Angelo Rosso, Gilberto Pressacco and Marco Maria Tosolini.

In 1998, when I was twenty-two, I graduated with the title of Master of Pipe Organ and Organistic Composition. As I studied the classics, I have always been attracted by all music kinds and styles. My range includes jazz, blues, gospel, r&b, hip hop, rock, pop, new age, country and even electronic.

Every afternoon, after having studied for the Conservatory, I spent several hours composing music with keyboards and computer, playing my father’s Hammond organ, or just playing whatever music I would hear.


From1990 through 2001I have played as a soloist, keyboard player and musical director throughout Italy and Austria.

In2001 I moved to Mexico as part of Estudios GAP (Studio GAP), where I was Artistic Director/Producer responsible for arrangements, composition, pianist in a variety of participating in professional recordings.

In April 2006 I performed in the Auditorio Nacional of Mexico City and other important theatres of the Mexican Republic with the famous Italian singer Filippa Giordano. I played in Televisa for the Mexican Telethon in December, 2006.

In 2010 I sign a contract with IM MUSIC of Mexico, which puts on sale a collection of instrumental cds with the sign of MAUCOLI. These albums are available on Spotify and on the most popular music platforms in the net.

At the moment I am living in Bucaramanga, Colombia, where I am also a piano teacher at the university UNAB (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga).

As a member of SIAE (italian composers association) I compose and arrange music for Edizioni Monocroma of Italy.

With my friend Richie Hayes I provide music for the app PIANOSTREAM, which works with most player pianos and digital pianos.

With an international repertoire of more than 2,000 songs without the need of any music sheets, I am very interested to travel around the world to perform in private events, concerts and special modern piano clinics.

Since may 2012 my piano arrangements are available on my website.

I speak English, Spanish, German and, of course, Italian.